Всё так хорошо, что очень плохо
Sometimes I feel a strange urge to 'live' in English. I mean, I already think in English (pretty often), but I also want to write and read and TALK. Yet, I am too lazy to write, engaged in a reading-list and way too shy to talk. So, I'm just talking to myself. Sometimes aloud. Wow, it definitely doesn't sound like I'm crazy, does it?
There is one thing in learning a language. that really bothers me. It's all these TESTS, that you have to take to get your knowledge aknowledged. (sounds cool, I know) I mean, I won't have any problems, if I want to talk with a foreigner (if we put my shyness aside). Grammar is not the essense of a language.
The main thing that my university taught me so far is the ability to say what I want to say in other words (and I did it right here, because I have no idea how to say "перефразировать" in English). It also taught me to talk slower to use correct tenses, but this is not as useful in informal speech.
I feel like I'm just rambling right now instead of stating my point. SO, MY POINT: you don't have to pass tests and get sertificates if you want to learn a language, because grammar won't help you with your language barrier. To speak the language you should hear others speak. Any language is not a set of rules, it's so much deeper, that I'm getting really upset and dissapointed, when I see people making 'cards to remember words' or learning grammatic rules without thinking. I think, every language has a soul, and you will never truly inderstand it, until you get to love it.

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